Friday, September 9, 2011

K-Day and Recycling!

Come check SfES out at K-Day today! We’ll have a booth out at beautiful McLain State Park from 12-4.  What’s our booth theme? RECYCLING!

Come play our fast paced recycling game: Reuse, Refuse or Recycle?!

And for more information on how to recycle in the area check out these FAQ’s:

How do I recycle in the RES HALLS?
Simply check out a recycling bin from the desk for the year!  When your bin is full bring it to the desk to empty. Fore more information:

How do I recycle ON campus?
Look for the small blue recycling bins that should be near every trashcan! You can also support a cause by dropping off your returnables in an organization’s bin.  Here are just a few that I know of:
- Engineers Without Borders has a couple of fundraising bins in Dow and Dillman. 
- The Math Learning Center in Fisher has a box by the door to collect returnables.
- Many individual res halls will collect bottles and cans to fund hall socials/projects. 

Wait, bottles and cans are worth MONEY in Michigan?
Yep, any pop can or bottle can be returned to the store for 10¢!

How do I recycle OFF campus?
Collect your recycling and drop it off for free at Waste Management. 

How do I recycle ODD ITEMS?
From big appliances to tiny electronics, you’d be surprised what’s recyclable here is the Keweenaw if you know where to go!

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