Friday, September 23, 2011

K-Day in Pictures

Pictures from K-Day.  Enjoy!
Our entirely recycled/reused trifold board

The recycling game options: Reuse, Recycle or Refuse

Contestants ready to go

In action

Pizza box sailing towards the trash (too greasy to be recycled)

Helena, our VP sporting her SfES teeshirt on Lake Superior!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

D80 Conference

The D80 conference is coming up, here on the campus of Michigan Tech on Saturday, October 8th!  It is a venue for sharing about sustainability in developing countries with many different speakers and activities.  Registration is free and open to everyone, but ends September 30th.  Find out more at  Hope to see you there!

Friday, September 9, 2011

K-Day and Recycling!

Come check SfES out at K-Day today! We’ll have a booth out at beautiful McLain State Park from 12-4.  What’s our booth theme? RECYCLING!

Come play our fast paced recycling game: Reuse, Refuse or Recycle?!

And for more information on how to recycle in the area check out these FAQ’s:

How do I recycle in the RES HALLS?
Simply check out a recycling bin from the desk for the year!  When your bin is full bring it to the desk to empty. Fore more information:

How do I recycle ON campus?
Look for the small blue recycling bins that should be near every trashcan! You can also support a cause by dropping off your returnables in an organization’s bin.  Here are just a few that I know of:
- Engineers Without Borders has a couple of fundraising bins in Dow and Dillman. 
- The Math Learning Center in Fisher has a box by the door to collect returnables.
- Many individual res halls will collect bottles and cans to fund hall socials/projects. 

Wait, bottles and cans are worth MONEY in Michigan?
Yep, any pop can or bottle can be returned to the store for 10¢!

How do I recycle OFF campus?
Collect your recycling and drop it off for free at Waste Management. 

How do I recycle ODD ITEMS?
From big appliances to tiny electronics, you’d be surprised what’s recyclable here is the Keweenaw if you know where to go!

Friday, September 2, 2011

First Meeting of the Year

Hello all,

Hope your first week of school went well! I spent the week in Northern Ontario on a field trip on Rural Sustainability, which was a lot of fun!

We will hold our first meeting of the year this Wednesday at 6 pm in Fisher 101.  We hope everyone will come on by, new and old members alike!  We'll have to finalize plans for our K-Day table, but I'd also like to hear about everyone's summer and see what people want to do this year.

Hoping to see you soon!